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The Hog Yard

Deli Cuts

Deli Cuts

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Elevate your next charcuterie board or sandwich with The Hog Yard's convenient smoked/cured deli cuts. 

Canadian Bacon: Pre-sliced 1/2 Lb package. 

Capicola: Pre-sliced 4 oz. package. A traditional Italian cold cut. Salty pork with a little spice. 

Deli Ham: Pre-sliced 1 Lb package

Hard Salami: Pre-sliced 4 oz. package

Pepperoni: Pre-sliced 4 oz. package

Spanish Chorizo: Dried and cured sausage in log form ready for you to slice. 6 oz.


Berkshire Influenced: Grain fed in Cuming County, Nebraska with outdoor access. "Raised on Country Sunshine."


Photography Credit: Kristin & Chelsee Photography

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