The Hog Yard

We hope you enjoy our DELICIOUS pork. The enhanced flavor
and tenderness you experience can be attributed to the breed
of hogs we raise. Our berkshire influenced hogs are known
for their superior intramuscular fat. This marbling makes
the pork more flavorful and tender. Along with genetics,
the growing process we use adds to the flavor profile. From
farrow to finish, our hogs are guaranteed outdoor access.
This slightly "Old Fashioned" way of production ensures the
pork you enjoy was "Raised on Country Sunshine."

Meet The Hog Yard

Pork raised in West Point, Nebraska.

About Us: The three families that comprise The Hog Yard have raised pork for multiple generations. The Hog Yard is a farrow-to-finish hog operation. Meaning, we, as owners, breed the hogs and care for them throughout their growing process until they are finished and ready to butcher. A key component to our hog operation is that at all stages of life, our hogs are guaranteed outdoor access. Our sows are not farrowed in crates but give birth in protected open pens with the ability to go outside. The same goes for our hogs which are finished in outdoor yards with shelter from the elements. This growing process may seem old fashioned to consumers, but it significantly adds to the flavor profile of our pork.

All About the Flavor: The hogs raised by The Hog Yard are half Berkshire in breed. Berkshire hogs are known for their superior intramuscular fat. This quality marbling makes for a more tender, flavorful meat. When most people think of pork, marbling is the last thing that comes to mind and unfortunately, pork sometimes gets a bad connotation as being dry or flavorless. Here at The Hog Yard, we are "trying to restore the public's faith in pork" by breaking that stereotype and proving that pork can be juicy and delicious.

  • Greg and Aliza

  • Andrew and Kelly

  • Glen and Melann

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  • "High quality brats with great taste and well seasoned flavor! Can't get enough of the Hawaiian brats."

    -Brittany P.

  • "The Hog Yard has reminded our family how flavorful pork can be. Hands down, their pork steaks are the best we've ever tasted!"

    - Stacey H.

  • "We have purchased individual items as well as a half hog from The Hog Yard. The Husker chops and pork patties were so good! The communication and customer service has been top notch from them! We will definitely be returning customers!"

    - Shelby and Tyler M.

  • "Exceptional quality pork chops. We couldn't get enough. My family will be adding these to our list of favorites!"

    - Trevor S.